Lam Tai Fai College
Lam Tai Fai College

Discipline and Pastoral Care Department

2020 2021PCU 


2. Messages from Discipline Masters and teachers:

“It is essential that we support LTFC students to develop their emotional and behavioral intelligence. It is this that will give them the strength to make the most of their varied talents and ambitions. “

Mr. Tang Kin Chung, Patrick


3. Objectives

1. Grooming independent, self-motivated and self-disciplined students with high Emotional Quotient.

2. To nurture students to be self-disciplined and responsible.

3. To maintain good teaching and learning environment.

To maintain good discipline in school To nurture students to be self-disciplined
To maintain good learning environment Leadership training


4. Activities

Prefect Prefect Training Camp
Career Development Leadership Training Activities


1. Prefect


1.1. Prefect Inauguration

01 Senior Head Prefect 02 Head Prefect
Senior Head Prefect Head Prefect
03 Vice Head Prefect  
Vice Head Prefect  


1.2. Prefect service

01 Prefect Information Day Duty 02 Prefect Swimming Gala Duty
Prefect Information Day Duty Prefect Swimming Gala Duty


2. Prefect training camp


01 Prefect Training Camp 2018 02 團隊建構互相認識
Prefect Training Camp 2018 團隊建構(互相認識)
03 團隊建構互相溝通 04 提升自信室內攀石
團隊建構(互相溝通) 提升自信(室內攀石)
05 團隊建構溝通訓練 06 團隊建構竹筏制作
團隊建構(溝通訓練) 團隊建構(竹筏制作)


3. Career development



3.1. ICAC activity


3.2. Police activity

01 警察招募講座 02 同學研究服裝備
警察招募講座 同學研究服裝備
03 同學研究服裝備 04 舊生廖韋婷介紹
同學研究服裝備 舊生廖韋婷介紹
05 廖韋婷講解  


4. Leadership training activities


4.1. Discipline Training camp 紀 律 訓 練 營

501 502
更新先鋒計劃 了解在囚人士生活
503 504
了解懲教工作 了解懲教工作
505 506
了解懲教工作 了解懲教工作
507 508
在囚人士工作體驗 在囚人士工作體驗