Lam Tai Fai College

Co-curricular activities in LTFC are designed to enhance students' overall development, providing them with opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills, and gain practical experience outside the classroom.

Characteristics about co-curricular activities in LTFC:

Diverse Range of Activities: Co-curricular activities encompass a wide range of options such as sports, clubs, societies, volunteer work, workshops, and competitions. These activities cater to various interests and talents of students.

Holistic Development: Co-curricular activities foster holistic development by encouraging students to explore their passions and acquire new skills. These activities provide opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, teamwork, communication skills, time management, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities.

Enhanced Learning: Co-curricular activities offer practical learning experiences beyond the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms. Students can apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios, further enhancing their understanding and knowledge.

Personal Enrichment: Co-curricular activities provide a platform for students to pursue their interests and passions, promoting personal enrichment and self-discovery. Discovering new hobbies, building confidence, and exploring untapped talents are some of the benefits.

Resume Building and Career Advancement: Being involved in co-curricular activities enhances a student's resume and makes them stand out to potential employers. It showcases their diverse skill set, leadership capabilities, and commitment to personal growth, which can positively impact their career prospects.

Healthy Work-Life Balance: Engaging in co-curricular activities helps students achieve a healthy work-life balance. It provides a break from the rigorous academic routine, reducing stress and boosting overall well-being.

Sense of Belonging: Participating in co-curricular activities fosters a sense of belonging and community among students. It offers an opportunity to forge new friendships, build camaraderie, and contribute towards a common goal.


1. School Teams

2. Student Union

3. Houses

4. Societies & Clubs

5. Uniform Groups

6. Services Group

School Teams

Athletics – Field

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Li Sin Piu, Mr. Fung Kin Hei


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Li Sin Piu


Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Cheng Kei Ki

Cross Country/Long Distance Run

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Li Sin Piu


Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Po Yee


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Choi Tsz Leong

Football – Boys

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Pou Fan

Football – Girls

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Pou Fan

Handball – Girls

Teacher-in-charge:         Ms. Lai Pou Fan, Mr. Fung Kin Hei


Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Cheng Kei Ki

Table Tennis

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Choi Tsz Leong

Volleyball – Boys

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Po Yee

Volleyball – Girls

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Po Yee


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Fung Kin Hei


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Choi Tsz Leong


Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Lai Pou Fan

STEAM School Team

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Tsang Ka Chai

Debate Team

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Fok Chun Shing, Anson



Student Union 2023-2024



5E Lo Wing Sum

Internal Vice-president

5E Wong King Hei

External Vice-president

4E Wong Sum Miu


5D Lee Selina Lok Yee


4E Lee Sum Yuet

Liaison Officer

4E Chan Ying Yee

Students Welfare Coordinator

2E Chang Chi Him

Students Welfare Coordinator

5D Lo Ching Yee

Recreation Coordinator

4E Chen Guanxi

Recreation Coordinator

4E Ling Ka Ying

Recreation Coordinator

5D Cheung Ho Chun

Promotion Coordinator

3A Leung Wan Shan

Promotion Coordinator

4E Fung Hiu Yan

Promotion Coordinator

5E Yip Chik Yin


Houses 2023-2024

Red House

Red House Captain

5A Lau Ka Yee


Red House Vice-captain

5D Liu Sung Yan


Red House Vice-captain

5E Chan Joyce



Yellow House

Yellow House Captain

5E Chow Kwan Hei


Yellow House Vice-captain

5D Kan Ka Yi


Yellow House Vice-captain

5E Lai Nok Ching



Blue House

Blue House Captain

5A Lau Yi Nam


Blue House Vice-captain

4C Hui Nga Wun


Blue House Vice-captain

5A Ho Yuet Ho



Green House

Green House Captain

5A Lai Yat Hin


Green House Vice-captain

5A Wong Wai Hin


Green House Vice-captain

5B So Wing Shuen




Society/ Club

Art and Fashion Design Club

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Wang Xiao Fan

This is a club for those students who are interested in Art or Fashion Design.

Chinese Culture Society

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Tam Ming Yan

Through participating in competitions, booth games, traditional festival activities, creative activities, seminars, etc. to enhance students' understanding and interest in Chinese culture.

Christian Fellowship

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Ng Siu Man

We praise God, pray with each other and grow together in the name of the Lord.

Drama Club

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Cheung Hei Long (中文組)

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Stroehfeldt, Ludri Kay (English Group)

Drama Club aims to arouse students’ interest in acting and to develop their listening and observation skills by participating in the drama production. We welcome students with talents to join us as actors, actresses or backstage crew members for the Inter-school Drama Festival. Training workshops and drama appreciation will be provided for members. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

English Society

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Chan Chun Hei

Learn English and have fun! You can learn English in a fun yet educational way through participating in various English activities such as lunchtime movie appreciation, readers’ theater, festive activities and fairs!

Gardening & Horticulture Society

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Leung Hei Yuet

The objectives of Gardening Society” include:
1.     To develop the interest of students in gardening (e.g. flower arrangement), through which they can relief their daily stress;
2.     Apart from the benefits brought to our environment, a sense of belonging can be reinforced after the greening of the campus.

Movie Appreciation Society

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Law Kit Ming

The Society would like to share the experience in the appreciation of movies from various points of view in order to enrich students’ worldview and lifestyle.

Science Society

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Fong Pat Hang

Through providing hands-on experiences and opportunities to design experiments, Science Society aims to broaden students’ horizons and to develop students’ interest in studying science.
The maximum number of members recruited is 35.

Japanese Culture Club

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. So Shan Ni

Learning of Japanese Language and Culture.

Dance Society

Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Sin Ka Ming

‘Dancing is the poetry of the foot.’ Dancing is a non-verbal means which allows us to communicate thoughts and deliver sentiments. Dance Society aims at gathering dance fanatics to express themselves with movements and share their performing and learning experience. On top of facilitating mental and social well-being, we also hope that students can exercise themselves and strengthen their muscular strength through participating in dance training.
Additional dance class fee is needed for the preparation of dance performances.

Social Education Society

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Hui Kin Hau

Social Education Society aims to cultivate students' awareness of caring about current affairs, broaden their world horizons, and inspire students' ability to think from multiple perspectives by discussing current affairs issues with classmates; at the same time, it increases students' understanding of society through organizing field trips.

Mathematics and Mind Sports Society

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Yeung Po Tung

Students have a chance to learn some interesting mathematical facts. Also, they can learn to play some logic games and board games.

Enterprise Society

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Hung Wai Hang

The Society will launch a series of business or financial related activities to arose the students’ interest in business field.



Uniform Group

Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps

Mr. Yam Kam Hang

Activities: Acquiring knowledge about Hong Kong and international air industry, participating in activities related to air industry, foot drill, social services and adventure activities.
*Some activities will be conducted in English.

Marching Band

Ms. Chan Man Sum

Activities: Instrument tuitions, ensemble, marching training, performances and competitions.

St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command
(Lam Tai Fai College Combined Cadet Division)

Ms. Kwong Wai Wah

Activities: First aid training, home nursing training, foot drilling St. John knowledge and skills proficiency course, team building, visits, training camp and outings etc.

Scout (1558th New Territories East Region Group)

Mr. Yiu Ngai Chun

Activities: Foot drill, services, adventure activities, camping, hiking, field cooking, etc.


Service Group

Prefects                                Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Tang Kin Chung

Head Prefect

5D Wong Nga Ki


Head Prefect

5E Chang Ching Yau


Vice-head Prefect

5A Lam Ho Fai


Vice-head Prefect

5E Lo Cheuk Hei



Guidance Prefects                Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Ching Suk Ha

Guidance Prefect Chairperson

5E Chang Hilton


Guidance Prefect Vice-chairperson

4E Chang Kiu Yi Joey


Guidance Prefect Vice-chairperson

5E Cheng Ngo Fai Cyrus



Moral Prefects               Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Ng Siu Man

Moral Prefect Chairperson

5E Chan Joyce


Moral Prefect Chairperson

5E ETO Yuiko


Moral Prefect Vice-chairperson

5E PAN Mei Hop



Career Prefects              Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Ng Suk Yee

Career Prefect Chairperson

6D Li Man Shan


Career Prefect Vice-chairperson

5D Wong Yui Ching


Career Prefect Vice-chairperson

4E Tseng Carina



Health Ambassadors            Teacher-in-charge: Ms Tse Hoi Yan

Health Ambassador Chairperson

5C Wong Pak Ho


Health Ambassador Vice-chairperson

4E Tseng Carina


Health Ambassador Vice-chairperson

3E Chan Pui Chi



IT Ambassadors                   Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Wong Wai

IT Ambassador Chairperson

4E WU WU Kun Tao


IT Ambassador Vice-chairperson

4D CHAN Cupid


IT Ambassador Vice-chairperson

3C LEUNG Yuen Ki



Peer Mentors                        Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Wong Hei Suet

Peer Mentor Chairperson

4E Chang Siu Huen


Peer Mentor Vice-chairperson

4E Tseng Carina


Peer Mentor Vice-chairperson

4E Wong Sum Miu Talia



Campus TV                          Teacher-in-charge: Ms. Wong Hoi Ying

Campus TV Chairperson

5D Lau Yu Hin


Campus TV Vice-chairperson

4D Liu Wai Kiu


Campus TV Vice-chairperson

4D Ng Yat Hei