Lam Tai Fai College
Lam Tai Fai College

Co-curricular activities in Lam Tai Fai College cover a wide range of activities which include school teams, student union, societies & clubs, uniform groups and services group.

  1. School Teams
  2. Student Union
  3. Houses
  4. Societies & Clubs
  5. Uniform Groups
  6. Services Group

Societies & Uniform Groups

Our societies organize activities for members and all students.

Our societies include:

Art and Fashion Design Club
Chinese Society
Christian Fellowship
Dance Society
Drama Club
English Society
Enterprise Society
Gardening & Horticulture Society
Liberal Studies and Debate Society
Mathematics and Mind Sports Society
Movie and Classical Music Appreciation Society
Science and Anatomy Society

Our service groups include:

Photography and Campus TV Crew
Career Prefect
Health Ambassador
IT Ambassador
Guidance Prefect
Academic Prefect
Moral Prefect


There are 4 uniformed groups: Air Cadet, Scouts, St John Ambulance and Marching Band. Uniform groups keep expanding, aiming at raising social awareness among students and serving society.

There are regular meetings for uniform groups on Saturdays. Students in the uniform groups frequently perform voluntary work both in and out of school. 

School Teams

There are "8 focus sports" in Lam Tai Fai College: badminton, cycling, fencing, soccer, basketball, table-tennis, Athletic, swimming.

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Besides the focus sports, there are also many other sports activities for our students, e.g. swimming, athletics, cross-country, volleyball, basketball. Our students have shown a wide variety of talents. We can identify talented athletes in our 8 focus sports, as well as swimming, athletics, wind-surfing, rowing, taekwondo, triathlon, basketball and gymnastics.