Lam Tai Fai College

The Preparatory School Management Committee was formed in April 2002 to provide the College with solid support and wise counsel at the initial stage of the school's development. The members, who come from a diverse professional background, are the elites in the political, sports, academic, business and professional sectors of Hong Kong. They bring with them a wealth of experience, and provide the College with comprehensive and balanced views guiding the future plans of the school. The Preparatory School Management Committee was dissolved upon the establishment of the School Management Committee of Lam Tai Fai College in August 2004. The School is indebted to all members of the Preparatory School Management Committee for their dedicated contributions in founding the school.



Preparatory School Management Committee
Chairman: 林大輝博士 (Dr. Hon. Lam Tai Fai, GBS, JP)
Member: 唐英年先生 (Mr Henry Tang Ying-yen, GBS, JP)
Member: 霍震霆議員(The Honourable Mr. Timothy Fok, GBS, JP)
Member: 楊國榮教授(Professor Philip Yeung Kwok Wing)
Member: 范錦平太平紳士(Mr. John Fan Kam Ping, BBS, JP)
Member: 黃顯華教授 (Professor Wong Hin-wah)
Member: 區偉文教授(Professor Raymond Au Wai Man)
Member: 鍾伯光博士(Dr. Chung Pak Kwong)
Member: 黃錦輝教授(Professor Wong Kam Fai)
Member: 李大拔教授 (Professor Albert Lee)
Member: 黃瑞華律師 (Mr Michael Wong Sui Wah)
Member: 翁益彰校長 (Mr Yung Yick-cheung)