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(Source: Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 28th February 2014)

wenweipo 20140301

(Source: Wen Wei Po 1st March 2014)

Singtao 20140301

(Source: Sing Tao Daily 1st March 2014)

singtao edu_20140301

(Source: Sing Tao Daily 1st March 2014)

mingpao 20140301
(Source: Ming Pao 1st March 2014)

Oriental 20140301
(Source: Oriental Daily 1st March 2014)

TheSun 20140301
(Source: The Sun 1st March 2014)

taikungpao 20140301
(Source: Ta Kung Pao 1st March 2014)

singpao 20140301
(Source: Sing Pao 1st March 2014)