Lam Tai Fai College
During school hours, Stephanie is a sixth former at our school. However, when stepping out of the school gate, she has several roles to play. As a Latin dancer, she is a representative of both the Asia Dance Sport Council and the Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council. Off the dance floor, she designs and tailors dance dresses.

This versatile 18-year-old started her dressmaking journey when she was in JS3 Three. "I found that many dancers were wearing the same dresses in competitions and I wanted to have variety, but not repetitive designs," Stephanie says. She was inspired by our Annual Fashion Show and started to design dance dresses and costumes for herself and dancers of all ages since then.

Stephanie has now fixed her sights firmly on dance outfit design. She plans to turn this into her lifelong career after graduating from university. At the moment, she is trying to design and produce suits for male Latin dancers.

Dressed to thrillJPG
(Source: SCMP 15th February 2013)