Lam Tai Fai College

Young Post's update on the Championship of our Boy's Grade A Badminton Team
( Young Post, South China Morning Post, 3rd March, 2011 )


Let us extend our warmest congratulations to our Boy's Grade A Badminton Team which won the Championship of the Inter-school Badminton Competition this year! Entering into the final competition, the team successfully overcame their nervousness when facing the same team which defeated them in the round of semi-final last year. During the competition, the players doubted whether they had the ability to go all the way. "We showed good teamwork to be crowned championships eventually," said by Lam Wing Cheung, Coach of Badminton Team. Determination of the student players results in this outstanding achievement. The performance of these students further confirmed our beliefs that experience in sport competitions helps strengthening students' self-confidence and self-understanding. The road to victory can never be easy, but it provides lots of opportunities for reflection and sharing.