Lam Tai Fai College

ATV's News Magazine 亞視 <時事追擊>
visited Lam Tai Fai College
to investigate
how the school becomes a cradle for elite athletes

To Hong Kong people, Asian Games 2010 ended in applauses and celebrations. The outstanding results of Hong Kong representatives impressed many of us, with the scenes of victory and glorious moments of medal presentation encouraging many local athletes. To learn better about how our successful athletes are nurtured in schools, ATV's News Magazine (時事追擊) selected our school to tell the story. They visited us on 15th-16th November to explore the way LTFC develops students' sport talents and sustains their sport development through helping them to balance between sports and studies.

The crew of ATV interviewed LTFC to identify the approach and commitment of the school in nurturing sport stars of the future. They also tell the story as how elite athletes grow up in the unique environment of the school, with the kind of support and care that they cannot find elsewhere.

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The crew shot the discussion about school development between Our School Supervisor, Dr. Lam Tai Fai, and our Principal, Mr Wu. Our Principal, Mr Wu interviewed by Ms Twiggy Lo of News Magazine, ATV.
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Our Principal, Mr Wu discussed the training progress of School Swimming Team with our experienced coaches who led our Swimming Team and obtained outstanding results in Shatin - Sai Kung Inter-school Swimming Competition 2010. Reporter of ATV interviewed Mr Luk, PE teacher, to learn more about the arrangements for PE lessons.
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The crew shot the scenes when students are having their PE lessons in our Gymnasiums.

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The reporter is interested in the trophies won by our Fencing Team, which has just won all the Championships, except Girls' Foil in New Territories Inter-school Fencing Competition 2010. "It costs students lots of tough training and tremendous efforts for each and every trophy…" Mr Wu shared with the reporters.
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Lee Yan Yee (SS2E) and Cheung Tsz Kit (6G1), athletes of our school talked about their time management on training and studies. Sport students under intensive training - Fitness Training of Elite Athletes is being captured by the crew.
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Enhancing students' academic development is one of LTFC's main concerns.

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Mr Wong, Head Coach of our Fencing Team, briefs the student fencers before the training session starts. "Put on gears. Training starts in a minute….."
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Students demonstrate their daily fencing practices under the crew's request. Fong Kiu, Youth member of Hong Kong Fencing Team, talks about the challenges he faces in balancing between fencing and his studies.

To enhance all-rounded development as well as fully develop individual's potentials of students, Lam Tai Fai College endeavors to promote an innovative and broadening curriculum with special emphasis on their four Focused Learning Areas. Among which, sport promotion and sport education have already distinguished the school from general grammar schools. With the school's ideology in catering for diversity and enhancing individual development, the junior secondary PE lessons are scheduled at same time blocks for each level. Students are grouped according to their interests, ability, strengthens and weaknesses. Apart from regular lessons, intensive and comprehensive trainings are conducted by professional coaches so as to provide systematic training to school teams. As a school that promotes healthy lifestyle, the school strengthens students' self-confidence and power of self-actualization through encouraging active participation in sport activities. The newly open self-financed Indoor Swimming Pool and standard-sized Multi-sport Gymnasium can best describe the school's enthusiasm and determination for sport promotion.


Reporter to Reporter

Our Campus TV Team took the opportunity to interview Ms Twiggy Lo, reporter from ATV, and learn about the career of a reporter.