Lam Tai Fai College



Congratulations to our alumni for their achievements in world-class competitions

Congratulations to the Hong Kong athletes for their stunning performance and results in FISU University World Cup Combat Sports in various sports items. Among them are Sat Pak Long, who won a gold medal in Male Taijiquan; Debbie Yeung, who won a gold medal in Female Taijijian and a silver medal in Female Taijiquan. Apart from the extraordinary performance in Wushu Competition, the Hong Kong Team has also performed well by securing a total of 9 medals in the Asian Track Cycling Championship, with Yeung Cho Yiu getting one 1 gold and 2 silver medals. Good news was also received from the WTT Youth Contender Tbilisi, as Kong Tsz Lam won the U19 and Lee Hoi Man ranked 3rd. The above mentioned athletes are all graduates from LTFC and we would like to, once again, congratulate all of them. We hope all Hong Kong athletes will continue to strive for new breakthroughs and shine in future international events.

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