Lam Tai Fai College

Leadership Training Project 2024

The Career Education Department, in collaboration with The HKFYG Leadership Institute, organized the "Leadership Training Project", targeting about thirty outstanding students. The purpose was to broaden their horizons, provide opportunities for exploring oneself and personal interests. Students were able to develop essential skills such as leadership, adaptability, logical thinking, and stress management.

The first session was a "Public Speaking Skills Workshop", where students learned techniques such as intonation, vocal expression, language use and delivery and body language to express emotions. Not only did they enrich experience in public speaking, but their presentation capabilities were also enhanced.

The second session was a "Design Thinking Lesson" where students learned how to analyze, identify and define the root of a problem, then implement solutions with limited resources. Through this session, students developed problem-solving skills and learned to think critically.

The third session was a "Courtroom Decoding", took place in the Former Fanling Magistracy, a Grade III historic building. During the trip, students participated in an escape room game in the detention room and courtroom. It was only through a collective spirit that they managed to escape together.

The project greatly enriched the participants’ life experiences, and they hope to apply the knowledge and skills to their holistic development on campus.