Lam Tai Fai College

Singing Contest & Christmas Party 2022

The Singing Contest & Christmas Party 2022 was successfully held on December 20 at the School Hall. Both solo and group contestants performed with confidence and quality. Besides our students’ performance, we were happy to have 20 alumni come back to join us on that day. Our talented alumni - Fung Wing Ki, So Tsun and Liu Ling Feng showed great support by performing in the show. Our teacher, Mr. Choi Tsz Leong also performed for our students. The finale performance with Principal Kwok, Deputy Principals and teachers on stage to sing the Christmas Song together won a big burst of applause.

The award winners are as follows:

Winner: LEAN Yiyi (4E)
1st runner up: NG Yat Hei (3D)
2nd runner up: CHANG Siu Huen (3E)

Winner: CHAN Wing Sum (4C), CHAN Ying Tung (4D)
1st runner up: LEE Chun Hei Silas (3D), LIU Wai Kiu (3D), NG Yat Hei (3D)
2nd runner up: LI Haylie (4D), KUZUMOTO Izumi (4D)

My Favourite Singer
CHAN Wing Sum (4C)