Lam Tai Fai College
Lam Tai Fai College

An interview for the Magazine "Good School" (香港教育雜誌)

On 22 September, our school was honoured to be interviewed by the crew from Education Media about our school’s vision, teaching characteristics and our direction of development.

During the interview, our Principal Mr Tam introduced an array of facilities in our school to the interviewers and related the current on-going renovation work to the mission of the school. For example, the Chinese Culture Centre, which was officially in use last year, illustrates the school’s emphasis on passing on the valuable Chinese culture to the next generation. The construction of the brand-new library, Campus TV Studio, Multi-functional Canteen and STEM labs reveals the school’s highlight on self-directed learning and its pioneering outlook on cutting edge technological development. Various facilities enable students’ active participation in different activities. Hence, students develop in multiple aspects.

Education Media first published the magazine "Good School" in January 2019 to provide platforms for parents to receive more information regarding education. Free copies are available at some MTR and bus stations.