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Lam Tai Fai College Shines in Global Coding Tournament

Code Quest is the largest international Python and JavaScript tournament in the world for teenagers. Starting from 1 August, over 1500 participants from 50 different countries and areas participated in a month-long Code Quest coding tournament.

LTFC’s Information Technology teacher Mr. Ken Kwan Man Lung was ranked 7th in the world and was awarded the Gold Award in the Open Division.

3 students from LTFC were also awarded the Silver Award in the Secondary Division (Grade 7 to Grade 12). Chan Alex Long Hin from 3B was ranked 45th among numerous secondary school students from around the world. Meanwhile, Chan Chin Lok and Chow Pak Man from 4E were ranked 50th and 54th respectively.

Name (Class)


HK Ranking

Global Ranking

Chan Alex Long Hin (3B)

Silver Award

Top 12

Top 45

Chan Chin Lok (4E)

Silver Award

Top 14

Top 50

Chow Pak Man (4E)

Silver Award

Top 15

Top 54

Congratulations to Mr. Kwan and the above students for their outstanding achievements!

The theme for this year’s Code Quest was “The Battle of Red Cliffs”. During each code combat, participants faced each other and were required to refine and improve their codes constantly throughout the match through various trials. Once participants submitted their codes, the codes battled against each other until a winner was decided. Through various trials and errors, Mr Kwan was able to beat countless opponents from all around the world and was ranked 7th in the world. 

Once again, we congratulate Mr Kwan, Chan Alex Long Hin, Chan Chin Lok and Chow Pak Man for their outstanding performances and achievements in the tournament!

Oct 2020

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