LTFC Alumni Association

On 3rd March 2023, LTFC Alumni Association invited our school manager Professor Raymond Au and three alumni, Alumna Leung Ka Wing, Alumnus Lo Tsun Julian and Alumna Lee Wai Ching, to return to their alma mater to share their experiences of study and work with LTFC students.

The theme of the sharing session was 'Opportunities and Challenges: How Can Secondary School Students Prepare for the Future?'. Discussions were held on the following topics:
1) What is the most important skill that students should equip for future work and challenges?
2) What are the other options if the DSE results are not qualified to get into the eight Universities in Hong Kong?
3) What are the opportunities that our students can leverage from the development of the Greater Bay Area? and how about the challenges that they may encounter?
4) What should our students do to be well-prepared for the future?

To express our gratitude, we invited Principal Kwok Kim Fai and our teacher Ms. Wang Xiaofan to present souvenirs to Professor Raymond Au and our three alumni.


林大輝中學校友會於2023年3月3日 邀請了區偉文校董和三位校友 (梁嘉詠校友、羅𠗕校友、李韋晴校友) 回母校和同學們討論怎樣規劃人生和分享他們讀書和工作的經歷,並詳細講解了他們所屬行業的就業資訊。