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Lam Tai Fai College

HKSI and Lam Tai Fai College Collaborate on a

Tailor-made Secondary Curriculum for Full-time Athletes

體院與林大輝中學合作 設全職運動員高中課程

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The MOU is signed by Dr Trisha Leahy BBS (1st row, left), Chief Executive of the HKSI and Mr Wong Kwong-wai, Principal of the LTFC (1st row, right); with the signatures witnessed by The Hon Tsang Tak-sing GBS JP (2nd row, 4th right), Secretary for Home Affairs; Mrs Jenny Fung Ma Kit-han BBS JP (2nd row, 3rd left), Director of the HKSI; Dr the Hon Lam Tai-fai SBS JP (2nd row, 3rd right), Supervisor of the LTFC; Mr John Fan Kam-ping BBS JP (2nd row, 2nd right), Deputy Supervisor of the LTFC; Professor Chung Pak-kwong (2nd row 1st right), IMC Manager of the LTFC; the HKSI’s Head Squash Coach Tony Choi Yuk-kwan MH (2nd row, 2nd left) and squash athlete Harley Lam Yat-ting (2nd row, 1st left).
合作備忘錄由體院院長李翠莎博士BBS(前排左)和林大輝中學校長黃廣威先生(前排右)簽署,並由民政事務局局長曾德成先生GBS JP(後排右四)、體院董事馮馬潔嫻女士BBS JP(後排左三)、林大輝中學校監林大輝博士SBS JP(後排右三)、林大輝中學副校監范錦平先生BBS JP(後排右二)、林大輝中學校董鍾伯光教授(後排右一)、體院壁球總教練蔡玉坤先生MH(後排左二)及壁球運動員林溢庭(後排左一)共同見證。


In recognition of the importance of elite athletes’ whole person development and dual career pathway, the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Lam Tai Fai College (LTFC) on 2nd July 2015 to announce their partnership for providing a highly integrated and flexible curriculum for young athletes, enabling them to train full-time whilst continuing to pursue their studies at senior secondary level. 

The MOU was signed by Dr Trisha Leahy BBS, Chief Executive of the HKSI and Mr Wong Kwong-wai, Principal of the LTFC, with the signatures witnessed by The Hon Tsang Tak-sing GBS JP, Secretary for Home Affairs; Mrs Jenny Fung Ma Kit-han BBS JP, Director of the HKSI; Dr the Hon Lam Tai-fai SBS JP, Supervisor of the LTFC; Mr John Fan Kam-ping BBS JP, Deputy Supervisor of the LTFC; Professor Chung Pak-kwong, IMC Manager of the LTFC; the HKSI’s Head Squash Coach Tony Choi Yuk-kwan MH and squash athlete Harley Lam Yat-ting.

Mrs Fung said at the MOU Signing Ceremony, “I would like to express our sincere thanks to the LTFC for partnering with the HKSI in making such a tailor-made education programme possible, so as to strengthen our support for athletes’ whole-person development. I am confident that, with the MOU signed today, not only could our close collaboration help young athletes fully unleash their potential but also cultivate a new generation of world-class champions for Hong Kong with more impressive and even record-breaking results!”

Dr the Hon Lam also said, “ LTFC welcomes the opportunity to work more closely with the HKSI. Since 2004, LTFC has been putting a special emphasis on sports development. We aim to promote sports in the community, to support elite sports, and to develop LTFC into as a prime destination for hosting major sports events, so as to increase students’ interest in sports. We have nurtured a strong atmosphere of sports in the school and a lot of outstanding student athletes who attained numerous achievements in overseas competitions, such as Kwok Ho-ting, World Champion cyclist; Au Sin-ying and Nicholas Edward Choi, fencing medalists in Asian Games. In the future, we wish to partner with the HKSI to facilitate integrated educational opportunities for student athletes to train as full-time professional athletes whilst pursuing their educational goals. This can surely encourage them to achieve their best in competitions and bring honour to Hong Kong.”

The MOU signing was followed by a sharing session featuring representatives from both the sporting and education sectors. Mr Wong of the LTFC said, in respect of the LTFC’s mission to integrate various aspects including sports in local education to develop future leaders and sports professionals, they are delighted to make a significant step forward in providing a tailor-made curriculum for local talented athletes to help them focus on achieving sporting success without compromising their academic pursuits.

The HKSI’s Head Squash Coach Tony Choi, squash athlete Harley Lam and fencer Nicholas Edward Choi also shared their comments on this partnership. Head Coach Choi agreed with the LTFC’s approach of integrating sports and studies. He said, “It takes years of commitment and dedication to full-time training for a talented athlete to achieve their full potential and reach world-class performance levels. I believe this partnership will motivate more young athletes to fully dedicate themselves to elite training at an earlier stage. This will help inject new blood into elite sports.” Harley and Nicholas also concluded their sharing by encouraging young athletes to be bold, to follow their dreams in sports while maintaining academic studies for whole-person development with such an enhanced educational support.

The Programme, to be commenced in the 2015/16 school year, outlines a framework to formulate flexible and individualised school programmes for full-time junior athletes by setting up a special class with a tailor-made curriculum for Form 4 to Form 6 levels. The athlete’s study timetable is also tailor-made in order to fit in their training and competition schedules. It covers a range of collaborations such as an extension of the study period, as well as a provision for extra tutorial, educational counselling and a online study platform. The HKSI and LTFC will also conduct regular and formal reviews to evaluate the progress and needs of every subject student athlete, as well as the operation of the overall collaboration.

For enquiries on the Partnership School Programme and enrolment, please contact the Athlete Affairs Department of the HKSI at 2681 6173.

為進一步推動精英運動員的全人發展及對「雙軌發展」的支援,香港體育學院(體院)與 林大輝中學於7月2日簽署合作備忘錄,共同為年青運動員提供可融合全職訓練及極具彈性的學習課程,讓他們一方面投身全職精英體育培訓,同時繼續高中學業。

合作備忘錄由體院院長李翠莎博士BBS和林大輝中學校長黃廣威先生簽署,並由民政事務局局長曾德成先生GBS JP、體院董事馮馬潔嫻女士BBS JP、林大輝中學校監林大輝博士SBS JP、林大輝中學副校監范錦平先生BBS JP、林大輝中學校董鍾伯光教授、體院壁球總教練 蔡玉坤先生MH及壁球運動員林溢庭共同見證。






如欲查詢「夥伴學校計劃」及報讀事宜,請致電2681 6173聯絡香港體育學院運動員事務部。


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Mr Wong Kwong-wai (2nd left), Principal of the LTFC; Tony Choi Yuk-kwan MH (1st right), the HKSI’s Head Squash Coach; Harley Lam Yat-ting (2nd right), squash athlete and Nicolas Edward Choi (3rd left), fencer, shared their views on this partnership during the ceremony.

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Representatives from the Government, the HKSI and LTFC, showed their great support to young athletes who will be studying at the LTFC under the Partnership School Programme by being the signatories and witnesses of the MOU signing.