Lam Tai Fai College

Drug Abuse

A string of youth drug abuse cases dominated newspaper headlines in Hong Kong since recently. These cases of youth drug scandal definitely worth our attention and awareness. Therefore, in order to convey the harmfulness of drug abuse to our students and to promote a healthy living style, the school has designed a broadcasting programme for students to learn more about the effects and affects of drug abuse.

Prayer led by the Principal at the Spring Gathering (2-2-09)

Dear Heavenly Father, you are the foundation of our lives. You have used your wisdom, power and love to create and plan all things ever since the beginning of the world. In this morning, we gather together to welcome the Year of Ox. Be with us, Father, and help us to make good use of the time to plan ahead.

Open our eyes so that we can see things from wider perspectives.
Open our mouths so that all take initiatives to express our opinions openly and precisely.
Open our ears so that we will listen to each other patiently and objectively.
Open our minds so that we are able to brainstorm a lot of creative ideas and make sensible judgment.
Open our hearts so that all work collaboratively in a team, and with mutual trust and understanding.

God, grant us the intelligence to identify things that need to be changed and not to be changed.
Grant us the serenity to accept the things that need to be changed but cannot be changed for the time being,
Grant us courage to meet any challenges and make necessary changes, as well as wisdom to know the differences.

Lord, be always with us to make LTFC a wonderful and happy place for us to work and for our students to learn. We ask in the name of your love and in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Talk in Life Skills in the Life-wide Learning Lessons by Rev. Lai Sing Fai, Chief Paster, Fanling Assembly of God



Talk on Bullying in the Morning Assembly by Rev. Laurence Leung,
Assistant Chief Paster, Fanling Assembly of God


Christmas Celebrations for 2006, 2007 & 2008 were conducted by Christian Churches of Fanling Assembly of God, Assembly of God, Chapel of Praise and City One Baptist Church


十二月二十二日學生齊集禮堂參加聖誕綜合表演,首先由基督教第一城浸信會 演奏聖誕樂曲,然後基督教神召會頌恩堂表演聖誕話劇。 其他節目包括有歌 唱及師生大合唱等。同時,學校亦頒發上學期學生在校內外體育、設計、科技 及美術獲得的獎項。其後,各班同學自行組織聖誕聯歡會及到地下操場觀賞師 生籃球賽。

生命領袖訓練計劃 基督教粉嶺神召會
Leadership Empowerment Programme by Fanling Assembly of God

林大輝中學 基督教粉嶺神召會

生命領袖訓練工作坊 Read More ...


生命領袖訓練營 Read More ...
1. 協助同學提升自信,發揮潛能。
2. 強化同學的溝通技巧,包括組織、策劃及解難能力等。
1. 為同學提供領袖才能培訓,透過各種歷奇及團隊活動,建立他們的自信心及領袖技巧。
2. 透過策劃長者義工服務,使他們實踐領導技巧,發揮才能。


New Senior Secondary S3 Form-based Pastoral Care Campus

Blank Cheque to Our S3 Students


Form-based Pastoral Care NSS Guidance Camp (2008-2009)
(To the leavers of Junior Secondary of LTFC)
There is a kind of treasure that we carry with our hearts
Something symbolic as well as beautiful
There is something infinitely true and natural …
The assurance that comes after support
As confidence comes from knowledge
As life is built from interactions, experience and …
There is a BLANK CHEQUE that we bring along with us
This cheque of knowledge and compassion to spend in our future.
There is always a time when we are together to feel, work, play, re-collect, and remember
Our lessons, MI, LWL, One Life One Sport, A Service for Life, …
Our MAP, Rainbow Connection, Our FBPC NSS Guidance Camp



Sex Education




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