Lam Tai Fai College
Lam Tai Fai College

To enable Secondary one students to adapt to the new learning environment and study methods, a one week Secondary one Summer Bridging Programme is designed to build up students' confidence to prepare themselves for the new school year as well as to enhance their English and Putonghua abilities.

Parents' Evenings, seminars and weekend tea gatherings for new students are organized to help parents understand the requirements of the school as well as the needs and school life of their children, so that they can help their children better adjust to secondary school life.

To cater to learner diversity, small group teaching is practiced in junior secondary Chinese, English & Mathematics lessons. Students are grouped according to their learning abilities.

Through a wide range of learning activities and assignments of different levels of difficulties, students' diverse learning needs are catered, and so they have become more interested, motivated and confident to learn.

Apart from designing suitable programmes for students of different abilities such as enrichment classes, reinforcement classes and Reaching for the Stars Scheme, we also offer enhancement programmes for students who are talented in sports, art and technology to let them fully realize their potential.

Besides, our school has formed partnership with the Hong Kong Sports Institute to tailor a highly flexible senior curriculum to accommodate elite athletes' sporting commitments so as to facilitate them to focus on achieving sporting success without compromising their academic pursuits.