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Promoting a Reading Culture

The promotion of a reading culture in school can leverage two important outcomes in our students' learning, and address two of the major concerns in education, i.e., language proficiency and learning capacity.  As ensuring quality education in LTFC has always been our prime aim, curriculum development and reform must be ongoing, so that we can face the challenges of the 21st century, through learning to read and reading to learn to best equip ourselves to smoothly cross the millennial threshold.

It is essential to equip our students especially in early years with the skills on "Learning to Read" and "Reading to Learn", which enhance their overall capacity for life-long learning and whole-person development.

A whole-school approach to foster "Learning to Read, Reading to Learn" is taken by the collaborating efforts of the whole staff and parents.  The importance of cultivating a reading culture has been identified. A whole-school responsibility to incorporate the cultivation of a reading culture as a key task at school level, that is, the school development programme, curriculum development, moral education & guidance, co-curricular activities and activity highlight in the yearly theme, etc. School's efforts in the area of promoting a reading culture has been reflected in the launching of various reading schemes and programmes, e.g. Reading kaleidoscope, and correspondence with parents in order to enhance their understanding of the school on ‘Learning to Read, Reading to Learn.


To promote a reading culture in the school so as to enhance the students' language proficiency and learning capacity.


Language proficiency: knowledge and skills
Learning capacity: learning to read, reading to learn
Enriching students' life experiences
Extending students' knowledge basis and skills
Appreciation in the beauty of words and phrases from books