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Korean Study Tour for Outstanding Students in Visual Arts

In February 2017, our Principal, Mr. Wong Kwong Wai, Raymond, and Principal of Gyeonggi Arts High School, Ms. Hwang Byung Sook, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Gyeonggi Arts High School and Lam Tai Fai College.

The two schools have agreed to offer exchange programs for students and staff to increase knowledge and cultural appreciation. This in-depth collaboration aims to provide students of the two schools with an additional platform and opportunity for training and development.

After going through the selection processes, six students were selected to participate in this study tour. They are Tsui Kai Yuen, Chan Tsz Him, Wong Mei Kei, Yu Ho Ching, Chung Yan Hei and Cheung Ching Nam.

The Korean Study Tour for Outstanding Students in Visual Arts was held successfully from 28th March to 31st March 2018. Our Visual Arts teacher, Ms Wong Kai Shan, Shandy, together with six S5 outstanding Visual Arts students visited Gyeonggi Arts High School, a range of arts museums and arts villages in Seoul.

During the visit, our students were invited to join the school campus tours, observe and participated in lessons conducted by teachers in Gyeonggi Arts High School. We were impressed by the warm hospitality of Principal Hwang and the school’s modern facilities, such as the Performing Arts Theatre, Orchestral halls, Galleries, Music Rooms and Arts Rooms, and integrated curriculum designed by the school to train and equip students for studying arts in the university. Our students were invited to take part in the design and sculpture lessons that provided a great opportunity for them to learn and have cultural exchange.

Special thanks for our graduate, Mr Unpi Lo, who is currently studying in Seoul, for serving as the local translator in this Study Tour. Mr Lo has worked as the Hong Kong and Seoul Art Ambassador.